Barbara Gordon Tribute Song
by Michael Battat

There's a person at OSRUI who
Does so very much for me and you
Works her heart out getting us prepared
Reservations processed, the rooms all shared

She schedules the intensives

Signups for all the electives

The person I respect is....

Barbara Gordon   |
Barbara Gordon   |
Barbara Gordon   |
Whoa-o               | (4x)

Barbara knows that we'll fill the place
That we're oversold, that we'll have no space
Works so hard so there'll be no mess
Anticipation leads to stress

But not all of us will be glad
I hear some of us treat her bad
I have to tell you it makes me sad  (for)


We must have thought you were Bat Girl
Fixing every crime that had done us wrong
You didn't think you were That Girl
Whose work would make it into a song

I have a little girl named Hannah Rose
Everybody say it: Hannah Rose
She is seven and she's telling me
When she's all grown up what she wants to be

She wants to be an animal vet
Work with families and their favorite pets (I say)
Treat your patients with love and respect, (be like)


(c) 2010 Michael Battat