Merri Lovinger Arian

HN ‘07



(Note: Lyrics are included below)


Taubman:  Hayom (mp3)                                   All 3 available on Craig Taubman's CD - Inscribed

                 B’rosh Hashana(mp3)                      Sheet music also available

                 L’dor vador(mp3)                           CD available at or

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Friedman:   The Time Is Now  (realaudio)              From the CD/songbook "The Journey Continues" available at and also included in the Ma-ayan Passover Hagaddah   Songbook

                  B’shiva Shel Malah                              From the CD "The Water in the Well"

                                                                              Track available at



Benjie Ellen Schiller:

                    Candle Blessing -                                     

                     Mi Shebeirach (for the community)           Refuah Sh’leimah – Synagogue 2000  Track available at




Julie Silver: Sim Shalom (mp3) -          from the CD "From Strength to Strength" available at

                                                          Sheet music in The Complete Shireinu

                                                           Track available at



Leon SherAdonai Adonai – Track available at , sheet music in the Complete Shireinu

                   Heal Us Now   Track available at , sheet music available as an octavo thru  Transcontinental Publishers


Danny Maseng: Y’varechecha    


Teddy Klaus:  I Have Taken An Oath


Billy Dreskin: Bayom Hahu  (mp3)      Track available at

                                                                                      Contact Billy at Woodlands Community Synagogue

                                                                                       White Plains, NY



HAYOM        Craig Taubman


Hayom ….. t’am-tzeinu

Hayom ….. t’var-cheinu

Hayom ….. t’gad-lei-nu


[Today, give us courage; today, bless us; today, nourish us…..Amen]


THE TIME IS NOW   Debbie Friedman


The time is now

We=ve gathered round

So bring all your gifts,

And bring all your burdens with you

No need to hide

Arms open wide

We gather as one

To make a ma-kom ka-dosh


We come to tell

We come to hear

We come to teach, to learn

We come to grow

And so we say,


The time is now

Sing to the One

God=s presence is here,

Sh=china you will dwell among us

We=ll make this space

A holy place

So separate, so whole,

Rejoice every soul

Who enters here.





CANDLE BLESSING     Benjie Schiller


May these trembling flames

The flames of our souls

And the warm glow kindled this night

By the children of Yisrael

Fuse (3) in the light of Your Presence


Baruch atah, atah Adonai

Eloheynu melech ha-olam

Asher kid'shanu b'mitzvotav

V'tzivanu l'hadlik ner shel Shabbat



HASHIVEYNU         Natalie Conrad


Hashiveynu adonai  (2)

Eylecha v'nashuva

Chadesh yameynu ke-kedem

(Turn us around, O God, and we shall turn.  Renew us, as of old.)




Zamru ladonai b=chinor

B=chinor v=kol zimra

Ba-chatzo-tz=rot v=kol shofar

Hari-u lifneh ha-melech Adonai


Yir=am ha-yam u-m=lo-o

Teivel v=yoshvei vah

Neharot yimcha-u chaf

Yachad harim y=raneinu


[Sing to God with violin and song, with trumpet and shofar.  The seas, the land and their inhabitants will exult; rivers will clap hands, and mountains rejoice together. -- Psalm 98]



B’ROSH HASHANA      Craig Taubman


B’rosh hashana yekateyvun

U-v’yom tsom kippur  yechateymun

Kama ya-avorun?

V’chama y’barei-un?

Mi, mi yich-yeh?

U-mi yamut?


[On Rosh Hashana, may you be inscribed, and on Yom Kippur, may you be sealed. How many shall perish? And how many shall be born? Who will live and who will die?]


SIM SHALOM    Julie Silver


Sim shalom tova uv'racha

Sim shalom tova uv'racha


Cheyn v'chesed (2) v'rachamim

Aleinu v'al kol yisrael amecha


[Grant peace, goodness and blessing to us and all your people Israel.]





Adonai Adonai el rachum

v’chanun Adonai


Erech apayim v’rav chesed

V’emet Adonai

Notser chesed la-alafim

Nosey avon vafesha

V’cha-ta-ah v’na’keh


[The Lord, the Lord, God, is merciful and gracious, endlessly patient, loving and true, showing mercy to thousands, forgiving iniquity, transgression and sin, and granting pardon.]







Danny Maseng                                                                                                                   Danny Maseng


Yivarech=cha Adonai v=yish-merecha

Ken yehi ratzon

Ya-eir Adonai panav eilecha v=yechuneka

Ken yehi ratzon

Yisa Adonai panav eilecha v=yasem l=cha shalom

Ken yehi ratzon


L’DOR VADOR         Craig Taubman

L=dor va-dor nagid godlecha

L=dor va-dor nagid godlecha


Ul=netzach n=tzachim

K=dushat-cha nakdish

V=shiv-cha-cha eloheinu

Mi-pinu lo ya-mush l=olam va-ed

Baruch Atah Adonai, ha-melech ha-ka-dosh


[From generation to generation we will tell Your greatness, and forever sanctify You. Your praise will never leave our lips, ever. We praise you, God, the holy Sovereign.]




I have taken an oath

To remember it all

To remember, to forget, nothing at all


B=SHIVAH SHEL MA=LAH     Debbie Friedman


B=shivah shel ma=alah

U-vi-shivah shel matah (2x)

Al da-at ha-Makom

V=al da-at ha-kahal (2x)

Anu mit-pal=lim l=hav-arat ro-a ha-g=zei-rah (2x)


[In the court above and the court below, in the sight of God and of the congregation, we pray for mercy in the severity of the decree.]