(Eric Komar, Deut. 16:20; Micah 6:8, 2006)

 Too many hungry families sleeping on the street. (Tirdof tzedek tzedek)

Too many addicts trying to get back on their feet. ()

Too many tyrants wreaking havoc on their lands. ()

Too many helpless victims of destructive plans. ()



Do justly (), love mercy (),

Walk humbly with your God.

Justice justice () shall you follow ().

Tzedek tzedek tirdof.


Too many jobs denied because of creed or race. ()

Too many laws defied; the wrong side wins the case. ()    CHORUS


Too many young & feeble heartlessly snuffed out. (Tirdof tzedek tzedek)

Too many old & sick nobody cares about. ()

Too many selfish interests trump the common good. ()

Too many messages not being understood. ()      CHORUS