Am Yisrael Chai       Music by Noam Katz (inspired by the Abayudaya Jews of Uganda)

                                (c) by the composer, all rights reserved


E              E             E                              A               B

Am-meh am-meh am-meh Yis-ra-el-eh chai


E              E               E             A             B               E

Am-meh am-meh am-meh Yis-ra-el-eh chai    (2x)



E   A   E        A     B

O--oh--od-eh A-vi-nu chai


E      A       E           A     B        E

O--oh--od-eh A-vi-nu chai  (2x)



The Jewish people lives! Our Father lives!


Note: In Luganda, the native dialect of Uganda, every spoken word ends with a vowel sound. The Abayudaya have adopted this speech pattern in their pronunciation of modern Hebrew. This song reflects that melding of two cultures, the two languages interacting with each other to reveal one universal message--that the strength of God and the Jewish people will live on forever.