Shabbat Shalom


...An adaptation of Billy Jonas' song "Tongo" from his CD "Life So Far" available at

    "Tongo" is also the opening song on his fabulous video "Bangin' and Sangin"

Shabbat lyrics by Robin Selinger


Listen to the original "Tongo" to learn the beat and the melody. (Then go buy Billy Jonas' CD because it's wonderful....-Robin)


Echo is shown (in parentheses)


New Lyrics                                    Original Lyrics


Shabbat Shalom!                         TONGO!
(Shabbat Shalom!)                     (TONGO!)

Shabbat Shalom Aba!                 JIM DIDDY MAH EE MAH EE AY!
(Shabbat Shalom Aba!)             (JIM DIDDY MAH EE MAH EE AY!)

-repeat an extra time for Ima, and any other family members you want to
include, e.g. if you have a child in your group who has both a mommy and
an ima, or has saba and savta visiting, etc...

Shabbat Shalom Ima!                 JIM DIDDY MAH EE MAH EE AY!
(Shabbat Shalom Ima!)             (JIM DIDDY MAH EE MAH EE AY!)

Shabbat Shalom!                         TONGO!
(Shabbat Shalom!)                     (TONGO!)

Mah yafeh hayom Shabbat         OOP DIDDY OOP DIDDY KUMBAYA!
(Mah yafeh hayom Shabbat)     (OOP DIDDY OOP DIDDY KUMBAYA!)

Menuchah!                                        OOO AH NAY!
(Menuchah!)                                     (OOO AH NAY!)

Shabbat menuchah                     MALI PAW MALOO WAY!
(Shabbat menuchah)                 (MALI PAW MALOO WAY!)

(repeat last line a few extra times, like at the end of Billy's recording)

L'chol ha-mishpacha                     MALI PAW MALOO WAY!
(L'chol ha-mishpacha)                 (MALI PAW MALOO WAY!)

Now let's say our bracha...         MALI PAW MALOO WAY!
(Now let's say our bracha)...        (MALI PAW MALOO WAY!)

..We go straight from there to light our Shabbat candles.

Translation.... mah yafeh hayom Shabbat = how lovely is the day of Shabbat
menucha = rest
l'chol ha-mishpacha = for the whole family