Hava nashira 2006

Shabbat morning Service

June 10, 2006

cantor rosALIE boxt and dan nichols


MUSIC                                   COMPOSER                         NOTES


Chazak             Nichols                         Refrain between each paragraph of reading

Listen: Chazak  (mp3)  

 Chazak- lyrics and chords (pdf)

Available on the CD “Be Strong” by Dan Nichols and E18hteen at jewishrock.com



Modeh Ani       Jeff Klepper

Listen: Modeh Ani (Realaudio)  CompleteShireinu#175A,p.235

Available on the CD "Songs for Growing" by Kol B’Seder, available at jewishmusic.com and at soundswrite.com


Mah Tovu                              Danny Maseng        

Listen: Mah Tovu (RealAudio)—starts 2 minutes into this realaudio file CompleteShireinu#176C,p.239

From the CD "Soul on Fire" by Danny Maseng,   available at dannymaseng.com


Elohai N’Shama                    Debbie Friedman

Listen: Elohai (RealAudio)   CompleteShireinu#179A,p.244

From the CD "And You Shall Be a Blessing" available at jewishmusic.com and soundswrite.com


Eilu D’varim                         Jeff Klepper                                      

Listen: Eilu D'varim (mp3) CompleteShireinu#178,p.242

From the CD “Snapshots: The Best of Kol B’Seder” available at CDbaby.com


Baruch She’amar                  Neil Comess-Daniels CompleteShireinu#180,p.245


Mizmor Shir                          Unknown CompleteShireinu#249,p.379


Psalm 150                                Yemenite melody          CompleteShireinu#183B,p.251


Beyond                                  Dan Nichols

Listen: Beyond (mp3)

From the CD "My Heart is In the East" available at jewishrock.com              


Praise Adonai                                                                           Daven in ENGLISH


Sh’ma                                     Pik      CompleteShireinu#190B,p.266

Listen: Sh’ma            (audio from aish.com)                                                        


V’ahavta                                Chant  trope

Listen: V’ahavta  (audio from cantordubov.org)


Emet there is no place - with Michamocha set up niggun                  Nichols         


Mi Chamocha                       Nichols


Tzur Yisrael                          Chant 


Adonai S’fatai/T’filah         Taubman/Daven    

Listen: Adonai S'fatai (Real Audio) 

From the CD "Friday Night Live" available at  soundswrite.com


K’dushah                               Bonia Shur    

Listen: K’dushah  (Real Audio)   This recording is from the CD “Insights and Visions” by Mishpocha, available at mishpacha-music.com                           


Yism’chu                               Boxt

(The new melody we learned Wed afternoon: first few notes… C-E-G, G-G-G-G, G-A-G-F-A-G)


V’taheir Libeinu                        Maseng           

Available somewhere at dannymaseng.com? (Note--this is a new melody and not the version on the CD “Wasting Time” )


R’tzeih                                                Richards

Listen: R’tzeih (mp3) from Shirei T'shuvah: Songs of Repentance, available at The URJ Press-Transcontinental Music

Sheet music in “Songs of Repentance” p. 57

Also included in “Stephen Richards: a Solo Collection” Book and CD         



Modim                                   Nichols                     


Sim Shalom                           Klepper

First few notes: C-D-E-F, F-E-D-C-D                                


Oseh Shalom                         Davidson 4-part                              



            Ein Kamocha – Gates of Song No. 74

           Av Ha-Rachamim- Gates of Song No. 75

            Ki Mitziyon- CompleteShireinu#212B,p.314

            Sh’ma- Echad Eloheinu-Lcha Adonai- Gates of Song No. 83

            Romemu- Craig Taubman

               Listen: Romemu (mp3)

                From the CD “Friday Night Live” by Craig Taubman, available at craignco.com

            Lo Yisa Goi….. a capella


Lift your hands toward Israel – Debbie Friedman

 (Not sure this is the correct title?)

First few notes: G-(go up an octave)-G-F-E-D-E-C


Mi Shebeirach- Debbie Friedman

Listen: Mi Shebeirach (RealAudio)CompleteShireinu#226A,p.340  

From the CD "And You Shall Be a Blessing" available at jewishmusic.com and soundswrite.com

Also on the CD “Renewal of Spirit” available at  jewishmusic.com and soundswrite.com


Priestly blessing - David Kates


V’zot haTorah Gates of Song No. 87




Ki Lekach Tov/Eitz Chayim Hi                Portnoy (waltz melody)

Listen: Ki Lekach Tov (audio from tuftshillel.org)

First few notes: C,C-D-Eb-D-B-G


Aleinu, Sulzer  Gates of Song No. 101                                                                                                        


V’ne-emar/Bayom               Isaacson        


Mourner’s Kaddish followed by

Oseh Shalom tag                   Sp/Port                     


Chazak                                   Nichols/Freedman 

(repeated from beginning of service)