Can't hear the music? Download the free software "RealPlayer 8" that will allow you hear RealAudio files..

Here are the links, very helpfully provided by (which carries a lot of great Jewish music!)

1. Click above to download the program. Save it to your desktop. (It will take a long while to download if you are using a slow internet connection.)

2. When it's done downloading, double-click the "RealPlayer8" icon on your desktop, and it will ask you a few easy questions.

3. CDbaby's advice:  UNCHECK ALL THE LITTLE BOXES it will give you when setting up. RealAudio seems to want to take over your computer entirely if you leave those little boxes checked. You might want to use a fake email address, too.

4. ADVICE: though their ads beg you to upgrade to a paid version, the RealPlayer is FREE, and the free version does everything you need to do.