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Page numbers in GREEN refer to "The Complete Shireinu,"

the indispensable songbook published by Transcontinental Music


Links related to music heard at Hava Nashira


"Barbara Gordon" tribute song by Michael Battat (mp3)

and lyrics


HN09 Shabbat PM service: songlist with audio links and source notes


High Holiday Resource List from Merri Lovinger Arian's  HN 2007 Elective "MAKING ROOM FOR THE CONGREGATIONAL VOICE DURING THE HIGH HOLIDAYS"


HN07 Shabbat PM and AM services: songlists with audio links and source notes


HN06 Shabbat AM service: songlist with audio links and source notes




Artists listed alphabetically

Sounds of Torah Anthologies--Brought to us by Randee Friedman, a contemporary anthology featuring a song for every (!) Torah portion  in the books of Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy, available at

Two full and complete tracks:

    The Promise -- written and recorded by Debbie Friedman

    Joshua, I Wanna Talk With You -- written by Peter and Ellen Allard, performed by Myrna Cohen

A great selection of 1-minute samples (for artist/composer info, please see complete listings at

    Ufaratsta       Forgive and Forget     May God Inspire You       Here I Am

    Mishpatim    Adonai Adonai     U'lhavdil     V'nikdashti   B'har Sinai

    Ruach Elohim  Stop! Look! Remember!   Bilam    These are the Words

    Adonai is Asking You  Tsedek Tsedek Tirdof  Hamakom


Peter and Ellen Allard  FACULTY
   The Allards' home page

From the CD "Pizza Pizzazz" available at

    Celtic Hinei Mah Tov (mp3)  Lyrics   Accompanying Instructions
From the CD "Sing Shalom: Songs for the Jewish Holidays" available at
and from
     We sing Shabbat, We Sing Shalom (mp3)      There are Ten  (Real Audio)
Fantastic and free sheet music...

    TEN PLAGUES IN EGYPT LAND (sheet music, PDF)   (Best new song for Pesach in many years! WOW!!!)
    It's a Brand new Day/Modeh Ani
 (sheet music, PDF)
Open My Lips
(sheet music, PDF)

David Appelman

    Link to hear audio tracks and see sheet music at , click on "portfolio."


Merri Lovinger Arian   FACULTY

From the CD "Nefesh: Songs for the Soul" available at and Transcontinental

     Niggun/Return Again  (RealAudio)  music composed by Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach

     Shalom Aleichem  (RealAudio) CompleteShireinu#227B,p.344 music composed by Schmuel Brazil

      All the World Sings to You (RealAudio) CompleteShireinu#12,p.14 music composed by Anselm Rothchild

      Od Yavo Shalom Aleinu  (mp3, sample)

R'fuah Sh'leimah: Songs of Jewish Healing (songbook) available at Transcontinental

NFTY In Harmony Cassette available at

NFTY In Harmony Songbook available at and


Ilana Axel

From the CD "Shehecheyanu: A Musical Celebration of Prayer," produced and performed by Shir Hadash
Reconstructionist Synagogue, Ilana Axel, Music Director ( CD can be purchased for $15 + shipping; for details contact  or phone (847) 498-8218.

    Sh'ma (composed by Ilana Axel, performed by Ilana Axel, Kasha, Lahakat Shir Hadash)

    V'ahavta   (composed by Ilana Axel, performed by Ilana Axel, Stephanie Reith, Kasha)

    V'Shamru  (composed by Jordan Goodman, performed by Ilana Axel and Jordan Goodman)

    Ose Shalom (composed by Ilana Axel, performed by Ilana Axel, Kasha)



Achi Ben Shalom

   Achi's home page

   Mi Yemalel  (RealAudio)  A new melody for this traditional Chanukah lyric

   Yehi Ratzon Milfaneicha (RealAudio)  A new song  for Rosh Hashanah!

   From the CD "Hebrew Love Songs" available at

   At Va-Ani   (RealAudio)  [by N. Sharabi, A Gilead]

    Click here for more tracks from the CD and other mp3's

        Bashanah Habaah CompleteShireinu#27,p.30 music composed by Nurit Hirsch, lyrics by Ehud Manor

        Hora Medley


David Berger

    Baruch Hagever  (RealAudio)

     V'Shamru (sheet music, PDF)


Stacy Beyer  

NEW! From the CD "Must Be Chanukah" available at

Al Hanissim (mp3, sample)     Shehecheyanu  (mp3, sample)    Must Be Chanukah (mp3, sample)
Haneirot Halalu (mp3, sample)    Sh'ma (mp3, sample)    The Hand That Lights The Candle (mp3, sample)

From the CD "Ha Makom - The Place" available at

    Climbing Up The Tree Of Life (mp3, sample)    Haporeis Sukkat Shalom (mp3, sample)  There's Always Hope (mp3, sample)
    Gonna Be A Time
(mp3, sample)    Ahavat Olam (mp3, sample)

From the CD "Find Your Voice" available at

    Sing Unto God (mp3, sample)   As You Live Your Life (mp3, sample)  It Will Never Happen Again (mp3, sample)

    You Shall Love  (mp3, sample)  Find Your Voice  ( mp3, sample)

Learn more about this amazing composer and performing artist....

    Stacy's bio


Theodore Bikel   SPECIAL GUEST

   Theodore Bikel's home page

   Tumbalalayka (audio sample)

   Eidelweiss (audio sample)

From the CD "Theodore Bikel's Treasury Of Yiddish Theatre And Folk Songs " available at or Rhino records

   Az der Rebbe Zingt (RealAudio   whole track!) CompleteShireinu#26,p.30

   Dona Dona (RealAudio  whole track!) CompleteShireinu#34,p.55

   ...Click to hear song samples  Includes  Shabes Shabes,  Tumbalalaikah CompleteShireinu#149,p.201


Raffi Bilek

   Ani L'Dodi (RealAudio)


Cantor Rosalie Boxt FACULTY

Yism'chu (sheet music, pdf)


Amy Bug

   Down by the Riverside/Lo Yisa Goy-Sheet music (pdf)  choral arrangement in 3 voices


Rick Calvert 

Mah Tovu (mp3) - NEW FOR ROSH HASHANA 2009

Sh'ma Koleinu (mp3)  Sheet Music (pdf)


    Camp Newman/Camp Swig

         NEW!  Kol Yisrael (We Are All Connected)  (mp3)    Lyrics and credits
         From the CD "Shir L'Yom Chadash: A Song for a New Day"  available at
               The Tree Song by Josh Miller (RealAudio, clip)
               Modeh Ani (RealAudio)


Michelle Citrin  ..."lil grrl, big sound," for all your folk rock needs

   From the CD "foursongsforyou" available at cdbaby or

       If I Fall   (mp3)

   Hear more clips at cdbaby, or join Michelle's group of friends at myspace


Susan Colin

    From the CD "Every Day" available at

       New Moon-Psalm 148  (mp3)     Pray with me  (mp3)   Y'varech'cha (Priestly Benediction) (mp3)

       Rainy Day Jazz (mp3)  (just an extraordinary piece of music...)

    From the CD "Shabbat Favorites" available at

        Red is the Sky (mp3)  Hinei Ma Tov (mp3) Yedid Nefesh (mp3)  Shalom Rav (mp3) Oseh Shalom (mp3)

       Yismechu Hashamayim (mp3)  Shalom Aleichem (mp3)


Comunidad Israelita de Santiago

    Music page from a Jewish community in Chile


Karen Daniel

   From the CD "Teachable, Singable and Jewish: The Family Album" available at

         Ein Keloheinu (There is no one like our God)  (RealAudio)         Oyfn Pripichek (mp3) 

    From the CD "Teachable, Singable and Jewish: This is How We Pray" available at
         Morning Has Come-Modeh Ani  (mp3, sample)     Open my Lips  (mp3, sample)  


Arnie Davidson

    Shehiyanu (mp3)


Andrew Dennen

     Eliyahu (wma)   Elohai  (wma)  [Note: wma files require the Windows Media Player]

     Sim Shalom (wma)       Emet Vemunah (wma)

   Zicronam Livrachah (mp3) Designed to be sung after the Kaddish, this song acts as a transition between this potentially wrenching prayer and the reading of temple announcements.  The second voice is that of Andrew's 15 year old daughter Emily.

Visit Andrew's website which offers higher fidelity audio tracks of those two songs.


Batya Diamond

From the CD "Love Along the Way" available at

     Hear clips from songs performed at HN05: Atah Kadosh , Love Along the Way, Atah Kadosh and El Na

     Hear more clips at


Cantor Lisa Doob of  Temple Anshe Sholom, Olympia Fields, IL

    Travellers' Birkat Hamazon  (sheet music, pdf)  a 2-part version of the Talmudic short form of Birkat Hamazon, with an English translation.

    The Shofar Song  (RealAudio)   [as heard at HN'03, taught by Merri Arian]

    I Go To The Sukkah  (RealAudio)

    What Do We Do On Shabbat? (RealAudio)


Cantor Ellen Dreskin FACULTY

From the CD "GO OUT IN JOY" by Beged Kefet (Rabbi Les Bronstein, Rabbi Billy Dreskin, Cantor Ellen Dreskin, Cantor Riki Lippitz, Cantor Benjie Ellen Schiller, Beth Sher, and Cantor Leon Sher)

     Let the heavens be glad (RealAudio, sample) CompleteShireinu#93,p.124 composed by Rob Weinberg


Steve Dropkin --Special thanks to Steve for making so many complete tracks available to listeners!

Sh'viti (mp3)

Shalom Aleichem (mp3)

From the CD "Keep Our Hopes Alive" available at

  Hodu L'Adonai (RealAudio) CompleteShireinu#302,p.96  also on Ruach 5761 available at Transcontinental

 From the CD "Innerpeace" available at

   Oseh Shalom  (RealAudio) CompleteShireinu#306,p.310  also on Ruach 5761 available at Transcontinental

    We all Stand Together  (RealAudio)  also on Ruach 5763 available at Transcontinental

Steve Dropkin Songbook available at

Steve's tunes are also found in the Ruach 5761/5763 songbook available at Transcontinental

Unpublished tunes:

    Hashkiveinu  (RealAudio)

    Elohai   (RealAudio)

Ketzev is Steve Dropkin, Susan Dropkin, and Lisa Silverstein.

From the CD "This is Our Promise" available at

    Pitchu Li   (RealAudio)   [written by Steve Dropkin]

    World Yet To Come  (RealAudio)   [written by Steve Dropkin]





Marge Eiseman

NEW! From the CD "Enduring One" available at

  Ani T'filati L'cha (mp3, sample)

  Sing Praises (mp3, sample)

  Rolling Light (mp3)

  Words from the Heart (mp3)

From the CD "We Are All Connected" available at

  Family Blessing (RealAudio)
  Rosh Chodesh Chant (RealAudio)

More music...

 This Night (mp3) A Chanukah song, melody and lyrics by Marge Eiseman  (c) 2002
  This Night-Lyrics &  Chords (html)


Leah Fine    Leah's home page

From the CD "Back To You" available at and

    I am Traveling  (RealAudio)


Jules Frankel     Jules' home page

From the CD "@ your service" available at

   Mi Haish (RealAudio)    sheet music: Mi Haish (pdf)     Kel Adon   (RealAudio)    sheet music: Kel Adon (pdf)

   Eshet Chayil  (RealAudio) sheet music: Eshet Chayil (pdf)      L'Shannah Haba'ah  (RealAudio)   sheet music: L'Shannah Haba'ah (pdf)

You'll find  more audio tracks at  and sheet music at  Jules' home page

From the CD "Schecter Sings! with Jules Frankel," available at,

    Why must I wave (the etrog and lulav) ?  (mp3)


Amy Fried

    Banana Boat Parody (html)


Debbie Friedman     FACULTY

NEW! Sheet music for the last verse of Birchot Havdalah (pdf)

Debbie's home page and complete list of recordings

From the CD "The Water in the Well" available at and

       Water in the well (RealAudio) 

From the CD "It's You" available at and

       Hallelu  (RealAudio) CompleteShireinu#83B,p.115 (a.k.a. Kol HaN'shamah)

From the CD "The Journey Continues" available at and

Also on the CD "Celebrate Passover" (click for more songs)   available at
      Miriam's Song  (RealAudio) CompleteShireinu#113,p.150

From the CD "And You Shall Be a Blessing" available at and

       Elohai (RealAudio) 

       Mishebeirach (RealAudio)CompleteShireinu#226A,p.340          T'filat Haderech  (RealAudio)CompleteShireinu#140,p.198   

       Kadish D'rabanan  (RealAudio) CompleteShireinu#81,p.112    L'chi Lach  (RealAudio)CompleteShireinu#89,p.123
From the double CD "Debbie Friedman at Carnegie Hall" available at and
      Not by Might-Not by Power (RealAudio)CompleteShireinu#117,p.156   Angel's Blessing  (RealAudio)CompleteShireinu#14,p.22

      Birkat L'vana (RealAudio)   Oseh Shalom (RealAudio)CompleteShireinu#209C,p.308
From the CD "Live at the Del" available at and
      Alef Bet (RealAudio)CompleteShireinu#11,p.12     Holy Place (RealAudio)  Happy Thanksgiving  (RealAudio)
From the CD "Shirim al Galgalim" available at  and
      Plant a Tree for Tu B'Shvat (RealAudio)
From the CD "Shanah Tovah - Songs For Jewish Holidays" available at and
      These are the Days (of Awe)  (RealAudio)         Purim Game (RealAudio)    613 Commandments   (RealAudio)

From the CD "In the Beginning" available at and

       Im Tirtzu (RealAudio, sample) CompleteShireinu#77,p.107 Ani Ma-amin (RealAudio, sample)CompleteShireinu#16B,p.25


Tracy Friend

From Tracy's new CD, "When All Is Said and Done," available at

       Yismechu  (mp3)

       Eliyahu  (mp3)

       L'dor Vador (When All is Said and Done) (mp3)

       R'tzei  (mp3)

       Adon Olam (mp3)     

Sheet music

     Eliyahu -sheet music (pdf)  If you have font problems, try this version Eliyahu Hanavi Sheet Music-better fonts (pdf)

Live recording

   Eliyahu Hanavi - Live Recording from HN06 (mp3)

   Eliyahu Hanavi- LIVE RECORDING FROM HN03 (RealAudio)


Cantor Gastón – Temple Aliyah, Needham, MA

From the CD  “Ta’am Latino: The Latin American Shabbat” available at, tracks also available at

01 Shalom Alechem (Murga)  (realaudio)

02 Suite Leil Shabbat (Milonga_Can 1) (realaudio)

03 Tzadik Katamar (Chacarera) (realaudio)

04 Lecha Dodi (Ranchera) (realaudio)

05 Ilu Finu (Bossanova) (realaudio)

06 Haleluyia (Samba) (realaudio)

07 Misheberach L'Emmanuelle (Balad 1) (realaudio)

08 Sim Shalom (Tango) (realaudio)

09 Ein Kelohenu (Chamame) (realaudio)

10 Etz Chayim (Bolero) (realaudio)

11 Adon Olam (Salsa) (realaudio)

12 Havdala L'Shmuel (Carnavalito) (realaudio)


More individual tracks...these are in mp3


Zamru (Pirchei Toronto)  (mp3)  

Tzadik Katamar (G. Puccini)  (mp3)  

Adonai Malach (ps.93) (Zeev Malbergier)  (mp3)  

Ufros Alenu (Zeev Malbergier)  (mp3)  

Vayechulu-Baruch (Teddy Horowitz)  (mp3)  

Ki LeOlam Chasdo (Trad. Sefardic)  (mp3)  

Ein Kelohenu (Ladino, trad. Sefardic)  (mp3)  

Adon Olam (trad. Sefardic)  (mp3)  



Judy Caplan Ginsburgh

    Judy's Home Page   

    Full list of Judy's songbooks, recordings and videos

From the CD "My Jewish World" available at, and Transcontinental Music

     S'lichah, Todah, B'vakashah (Real Audio)     Colors in My World (Real Audio)          Colors in My World (sheet music, pdf)
Be a Mensch
(Real Audio)

From the CD "Shalom Yeladim" available at and

     Keshet  (Real Audio)  Manginot #171, p. 256

     Lo Yisa Goy  (Real Audio) Complete Shireinu#101A, p. 138  music composed by Shalom Altman

     Dundai  (Real Audio)     Torah Tzeevah Lanu Moshe (mp3) 

     David Melech Yisrael (Real Audio) Complete Shireinu#32, p.51    music composed by Nachum Frankel

       Bim Bam/Sim Shalom  (Real Audio) Complete Shireinu#231, p.349/#205C,p.300
     Hinei Ma Tov  (Real Audio) Complete Shireinu#66A, p.89      

     Hamotzi  (Real Audio) Complete Shireinu#230, p.348  music composed by Sam Adler

From the CD "Chanukah Favorites" available at and

     Oh If I Were a Dreidel   (Real Audio)      Haneyrot Halalu  (Real Audio)

From the CD "Amazing Songs for Amazing Jewish Children" available at  and
     Shema Lullaby (Real Audio)

From the CD "Havdallah Pajama" available at and

     Shavua Tov (Real Audio) Complete Shireinu#253, p.386 music composed by Jeff Klepper and Susan Nanus

     Bayom Hahu  (Real Audio) Complete Shireinu#30A, p.32 music composed by Lisa Silverstein Tzur, lyrics by Pete Tobias
     Birkat Havdallah  (Real Audio)Complete Shireinu#250, p.381       music composed by Debbie Friedman

     Soup Song (Real Audio)    

     Thank You God (Real Audio)  Music composed by Doug Cotler

From the CD "Boker Tov/Laila Tov" available at and

     Shabbos Zoll Zein  (Real Audio, extended clip)       Shalom Rav (Real Audio, extended clip)

From "Judy's Original Songbook" available at

     Derech Eretz (Sheet music, pdf)


Sam Glaser

From the CD "Kol Bamidbar - Voice in the Desert" available at

     Across the River   (RealAudio)  

From the compilation CD "Celebrate Shabbat" available at

     Oseh Shalom (RealAudio, sample)  


Kathy Gohr

   Bedtime Prayer (RealAudio)

   Sukkat Shalom (RealAudio)

   Kathy's ice bowls are amazing!   Here's a photo of  Kathy's Halloween masterpiece .


Rabbi Shefa Gold

From her album "Tzuri" on cassette tape) available at

      Elohai N'Shamah   (RealAudio)  CompleteShireinu#179B,p.244

         another recording of Elohai N'Shamah from, sung by Rabbi Elizabeth Bolton, tapes available here


Beth Greenapple invites everyone to check out her website . She is also president of the Jewish Gay Network of Michigan, website . (Note: these are information links, not music.)


Beth Hamon

From the CD "City of Love" available at

    May God Bless (Real Audio)       May God Bless-sheet music (pdf)
    Rom'mu-sheet music (pdf)

    Lamps of Peace (mp3, sample)

    More music samples from new CD "City of Love"


Robyn Helzner

From the CD "Hearts Awaken," available at

    Halleluyah  (mp3)   composed by Barak Amrani    Hebrew lyrics (pdf)     Translation/Transliteration  (from

    Oneg Shabbat (mp3)

From the CD "A Fire Burns," available at

    Undzer Nigundl  (mp3)     Undzer Nigundl--Sheet Music (pdf)

    Al Givot Sheich Abreik (mp3)       Eliyahu HaNavi  (mp3)

From the CD "Clap Your Hands: Songs for Shabbat and Playtime" available at

    Shubi Dubi  (mp3)   Shabbat Menuchah  (mp3)

From the CD "I Live in the City: More Songs for Shabbat and Playtime" available at

   Hine Ma Tov  (mp3)     Shabbat is Here (mp3)    I Live in the City (RealAudio, clip)


Sue Horowitz

From the CD "Eleven Doors Open," available at

    Pitchu Li (mp3)

    Yivarechecha (mp3)


Elana Jagoda

From the CD Zum Gali Gali available at  , see also

     Modeh ani (mp3) - A beautiful and healing morning blessing.

     Sim Shalom (mp3) - A great new melody for camp, religious school tefilah, and family services. 
     Shalom Chaverim (mp3) - Finally a new melody to a classic goodbye song

More audio samples available at


Dan Jurkowitz

   Sukkah Boogie (mp3)  Lyrics (pdf)

   Sh'vu Basukah (mp3)  Lyrics (pdf)

   Hanerot Halalu (mp3)


Roy Kamin

    Paths of Righteousness  (mp3)  -- An Eilu D'varim song


Rabbi Larry Karol

For new songs from Larry Karol, go to: and check the playlist as well as the videos posted on the page.
OR  for Larry's YouTube channel.
New songs posted on YouTube:
"Good to Me" (based on Psalm 13)
"Eitz Chayim-Tree of Life" (based on Proverbs 3:17-18 and Pirkei Avot 2:7
"How Good"  (Based on Psalm 133:1, Amos 5:24, and Theodor Herzl's wisdom)
"Turn to Me" (Based on Psalm 86)
"Hatov (the One Who is Good)" (Based on the "Good news" blessing and Proverbs 3:27-28)

New songs posted on
"Why Do We Hold On?" (based on themes from Parashat B'ha-alot'cha)
"Song of Praise" (based on Psalm 34)
"Remember Us" (based on the Ya-aleh Yavo prayer for festivals)
"Moadim" (based on the "Vay'dabeir Moshe" addition to festival services before the T'filah)
"As Far As Our Hearts Can See" (statements about God from the campers at Crane Lake summer 2009)
"P'tach Libi" (Based on liturgy and Psalm 119, verses 105 and 109)
"One Voice" (Based on Berachot 17a and Pirkei Avot 1:14)


For Chanukah!

 These Lights (mp3) (Thanks to Lisa Baydush for lyric editing on this song!)
 Free sheet music  for "These Lights"

From the CD "A New Beginning" available at or

   Circle Once More (mp3, clip)     Zeh Hayom (mp3, clip)    Click here for more clips

From the CD "Two Are Better than One" available at

OR...Call Temple Israel in Dover, Hampshire (603-742-3976) for purchase info.

     Two Are Better Than One (RealAudio) [co-lead vocal - Angela Gold]

     Ami  (RealAudio)     Atah Kadosh  (RealAudio)

     Hear more clips, find purchase info at

All songs available at and

Online sheet music:

     Adir Hu (pdf)    Sheim Tov (pdf)


Rabbi Neal Katz

Rabbi Katz' homepage

From the CD "Who Am I?" available at and

      Mi Sheberach (RealAudio)    Mi Sheberach-Sheet music (pdf)

      Or Chadash (RealAudio)       Or Chadash-Sheet music  (pdf) 

      L'cha Adonai (RealAudio)     L'cha Adonai-Sheet music (pdf)

      Oseh Shalom (RealAudio)    Oseh Shalom-Sheet Music (pdf)

      Who am I? (RealAudio)      

      Ki V'simcha (RealAudio)

     SONGLEADERS: click HERE for songster-style lyrics and chord sheets, and for curriculum notes




   Five Book Strut  (RealAudio)     Music/Text by Noam Katz and Joanna Selznick Dulkin

   Am Yisrael Chai  (RealAudio)       AmYisraelChai-Lyrics-Chords

From the CD "Ruach 5763/2003" available at and Transcontinental

    Halleli (RealAudio, sample)


Steve Klaper

  Steve's home page  (includes many music samples!)

New for Chanukah:

    Light the Lights of Chanukah (mp3)   Light the Lights of Chanukah-sheet music (pdf)

From the CD "Kavanah" by Steve Klaper with Caitlin Klaper available at

    Nafshi Iviticha (RealAudio)   (These are mirrors of samples on, but converted to RealAudio for faster download)

    B'Yado   (RealAudio)

New, from Steve Klaper and his daughter Caitlin, a live performance CD (watch Steve's website for purchase info!)

As Steve's gift to the Hava Nashira community, here are FIVE tracks in mp3 format-- free for you to download...

    Oseh Shalom (mp3) -- with a contagious reggae beat

    Tzur Yisrael (mp3) -- an outstanding jazz guitar performance

    Or Chadash (mp3) --  close vocal harmony, plus a harmonica

    Sailor's Niggun (mp3) -- for a Shabbat at sea  [compare with the "A Sea-faring L'cha Dodi" by Uncle Eye, a.k.a. Ira Levin.]

    Y'Hiyu L'Ratzon (mp3) -- a sweet ending to a wide-ranging musical tour of Jewish music in a variety of styles

Note...these mp3 tracks are only 24 kbps. For better sound quality, check with Steve or just buy the CD when it's available!


Shira Kline FACULTY

   Pharoah's Daughter: Out of the Reeds

   STORAHTELLING: Jewish Ritual Theater Revived


Cantor Jeff Klepper    FACULTY

    Hashiveinu -- scroll down to Jeff's picture and click "play"
From the CD "Jeff Klepper Live in Concert" available from and

    Hinei Mah Tov (RealAudio)  ---The Blues Version        Shalom Aleichem (RealAudio, sample) (The country waltz version)

From the CD "Yom Chadash" available at

    Oseh Shalom (mp3, sample)CompleteShireinu#209B,p.307

From the CD "In This Place" available at, Transcontinental and
    Niggun   (RealAudio)  Empty Chair  (mp3)
Free sheet music from Jeff's website
    I Will Plant for My Children (pdf)

More free sheet music

    We Are Counting (pdf)  

    Blessing for Social Justice  (pdf)


Janeen Kobrinsky

    Janeen's home page   (ART!!!)


Kol B'Seder is Cantor Jeff Klepper and Rabbi Dan Freelander.  FACULTY

   Mi Y'Maleil(Doot-doot)  (RealAudio) This song was written by Debbie Friedman, and you can find her performance (with no doot-doots) on "Not by Might" available at on cassette only. Click here for a RealAudio clip from Debbie's version.

From the CD "Good Morning, Good Night" available at and Transcontinental:

   Modeh Ani  (RealAudio)  CompleteShireinu#175A,p.235 Everybody's favorite classic version of this traditional prayer for the morning. A more recent recording is on the CD "Songs for Growing" also available at both Transcontinental and

From the CD "In Every Generation" available at

   Lo Alecha (RealAudio, sample) CompleteShireinu#98,p.135

From the 5 CD set "The Complete NFTY Recordings: 1972-1989" (featuring many artists) available at Transcontinental

   Shalom Rav (mp3, sample) CompleteShireinu#206,p.302
Kol B'Seder's song Yeish Kochavim (flash audio) -- CompleteShireinu#168,p.218 performed by Haley Ott. Scroll down to her name and click "play"


Eric Komar  Eric's home page

Lashon Hara (mp3)  Sheet music  (pdf)

Return (mp3)  Sheet music (in C) (pdf)   Sheet music (in G) (pdf)

Baruch SheAmar (mp3)  Sheet music (pdf)

Justice, Justice (mp3)  lyrics (html)

From the CD "Notes from the Underground" available at

    V'ahavta (mp3)

     Shehechianu (mp3)

Scott Leader    Scott's home page

   From the CD "Lift My Eyes" available at

    Hava Nashira (mp3)  Psalm 150 (mp3)  Dodi Li  (mp3)  Modeh Ani (mp3)   Shema  (mp3)

     BONUS SHEET MUSIC:  Hava Nashira (pdf)  Psalm 150 (pdf)  Dodi Li  (pdf)   Modeh Ani (pdf)  Shema  (pdf)
See also Scott's group, "Sababa," below.

Terry Lieberstein  Ter's home page (

Music for high holidays:

   Kol HaN'Shama Chant (mp3)     sheet music... Kol HaN'shama Niggun (pdf)

   Rosh Hashana Niggun (mp3)    sheet music... Rosh Hashana Niggun-Shana Tova Niggun (pdf)

   On Three Things (Yom Kippur) Round (mp3)   sheet music... On three things (Yom Kippur) Round (pdf)


Cantor Allen Leider

    Lots of Latkes (sheet music/pdf) --a fun song for Chanukah, adapted from "Chumbara," an English folk song.


Carol Boyd Leon


New for the High Holidays...

Hayom Harat Olam (mp3)    Sheet music (pdf)

These songs are from the terrific "Gan Shirim" (A Garden of Songs) collection of 70 songs Carol wrote for kids to sing. Available are a double-CD, a companion 160-page songbook edited by Adrian Durlester, and an  instrumental-only accompaniment double-CD. 
   Halleluyah Hoedown (for youth choirs)
(mp3) · Sheet music (pdf)
   Hey, Hey, What do you Say  (to start your Purim celebration)(mp3)   · Sheet music (pdf)   · Lyrics (html)
   I'm All Shook Up  (a Sukkot rock & roll song for all ages) (mp3)   · Sheet music (pdf)

   I'm Sorry (a Yom Kippur song) (mp3)   · Sheet music (pdf)

   The Maccabees  (mp3)   · Sheet music (pdf)
   Noah, oh Noah  (mp3)    · Sheet music (pdf)
   Sabbath Peace/Niggun (for adults, too) (mp3)  · Sheet music (pdf)
   Sleepytime Sh'ma (mp3)   · Sheet music (pdf)
From "Songs From The Heart: Family Shabbat" CD and songbook [hear more at]
   Shalom Shabbat Shalom (mp3)      The Children's Sh'ma (mp3)   Shalom Rav (mp3, 2 minute sample)
"Home"-recorded mp3:
   Shehecheyanu (mp3)  (an upbeat, high-energy SAB choral setting arranged by Adrian Durlester)
CDs and songbooks--including Jewish Life Cycle--are available at Carol's website,, and Also, several choral arrangements are available at Carol's website.

 Ira Levin

   JEWSWEEK's story about Ira (June 12, 2003)
   Uncle Eye's home page 

   New CD "Madlik Oti" available at   (Click here for ordering information) and

      A Sea-Faring L'Cha Dodi    Manna From Heaven   A Happy Song   Sh'ma/Dodi Li    Mi Chamocha

   From the CD "Sultan of Time" available at

      My Favorite Color (RealAudio)      My Favorite Color (mp3)

   From the CD "Hippo on my Head" available at

      Penguin Party (RealAudio)      Penguin Party (mp3)


Ross M. Levy

New, from the upcoming CD "The Way I Hear It"

   Shalom Rav (mp3)

   Im Ein Ani Li Mi Li (RealAudio)


Julie Lipson

    Forgiveness (mp3)  lyrics (html)

    We are all on the Seder Plate (RealAudio)     Complete Lyrics (pdf)


Gordon Lustig

      All Shook Up-Demo version (mp3) - a fun parody for Sukkot     All Shook Up-Lyrics (pdf)

    Chanukah Rap Sheet music (pdf) Copyright 2003 Gordon Lustig

    Just So Sheet music (pdf) Copyright 2003 Gordon Lustig
   Aseret Ha-Dibrot (Ten Commandments) Sheet music (pdf)  Copyright 2002 Gordon Lustig (and colleague)
    Look at Me (I'm a Tree) Sheet music (pdf)  Copyright 2003 Gordon Lustig


Rick Lupert
   Rick's home page

   Let's Go London


Marvelous Toy  a.k.a.  Marc Rossio  Marc's website 

  From the CD "L'Chaim- To Life!" available at

      My Silent Prayer (mp3) Boker Tov (mp3)   Oogiot (mp3)  L'chaim-To Life! (mp3)

     bonus! --> free sheet music-My Silent Prayer

       I agree, I agree, Amen  (RealAudio)


Steve Meltzer  May his memory be for a blessing.
   Steve's home page

   From Steve's new CD/EP  "Rock With Ruach!" available at   (Click here for ordering information)

      Lo Alecha  (RealAudio)

        Shalom Rav (RealAudio)

      Lecha Dodi  (RealAudio)

   Download lyrics and chords at


Merkavah (Many thanks to vocalist Gabriel Meyer for permission to post this track!!!)

    From the CD "Merkavah," available at  and

        Love  (RealAudio)  composed by Gabriel Meyer. Lyrics: "Hareini mekabel alai et mitsvat haboreh veahavta lereachah camochah," meaning "I take upon myself to bond with the Creator's Commandment: Love your kin as yourself." Leviticus:19/morning prayers.

Check out  the web page for the Spirit of Fes concert tour which also features Gabriel Meyer and other Jewish, Muslim, and Christian musicians, all coming together for a musical celebration in the spirit of peace.


Cindy Michelassi is a teacher and songleader in Chicago's western suburbs.
    R'fu'ah Shleimah (mp3) A lovely prayer for healing, ideal for kids' Shabbat services. [Coming soon in Manginot II !]

     R'fu'ah Shleimah (KARAOKE!)  Karaoke-- melody with sing-along lyrics     

     Sheleg Yoreid-Snow is Falling (pdf)  Sheet Music

     Sheleg Yoreid-Snow is Falling (KARAOKE!)  Karaoke--melody with sing-along lyrics

     Need a karaoke player? Try Their terrific player also plays midi files. Plus you can adjust the tempo and transpose to your favorite key. If you use it to play a song with full orchestration, you can switch different instruments off/on in real time.


Milot Ha'Nefesh (Words of the Soul) is Micha Liberman, David Ross, and Suzy Rauch.

From the CD "Words of the Soul" available at  CDbaby and

      Bo'is V'shalom chord sheet  (pdf)   [text from L'cha Dodi]

      Mi Ha-ish chord sheet  (pdf)

Click HERE for audio samples of ALL the songs on this great CD!


Doug Mishkin

From the CD "Celebrate Peace" available at

     Letter to Eve (RealAudio)

From the CD "Celebrate Passover" available at

     Make Those Waters Part (RealAudio) CompleteShireinu#106,p.144


Chuck Mitchell is a songleader, music teacher, sukkah taker-a-parter, and Hebrew teacher at Congregation Anshai Emeth in Peoria, Illinois.

From  the CD "Moments: Songs for Jewish Adults"
    Shalom  (mp3)                 sheet music (pdf)            Hineni  (mp3)     sheet music (pdf)
    Nodeh L'cha  (mp3)        sheet music (pdf)            Ruach  (mp3)     sheet music (pdf)
    Shalom Rav  (mp3)         sheet music (pdf)
From "Eyn Chayim: Songs for Jewish Children"
   Achshav (mp3)                 sheet music (pdf)           B'vakasha (mp3)    sheet music (pdf)

   Counting Song (mp3)       sheet music (pdf)           Eyn Chayim (mp3)  sheet music (pdf)

   Stop, Look, Listen (mp3) sheet music (pdf)


Cantor Alberto Mizrahi [Special Guest at HN05]

Live Concert recording from HN05, accompanied by Adrian Durlester, posted with permission

 Rozhinkes Mit Mandlen (mp3)   


Jill Moskowitz

   Mi Zot Ba'ah Min ha-Megillah--sheet music  (pdf)   A great kids' song for Purim!


Fran Moss and Chai Note Designs

   Music-related Jewish accessories, jewelry, and apparel including guitar picks, shirts, kippot, tallit clips, plus pins, pendants, bracelets and earrings. Click HERE to shop!


Greg Siegle and Julie Newman

      If not now (mp3) by Julie Newman     chord sheet (pdf)
    Shochein Ad
 (RealAudio)   Lyrics, chords, explanation [pdf,  82K]


Dan Nichols    FACULTY

  E18hteen's home page...  Lots more audio samples, plus you can order CD's and even T-shirts!

   My Heart is in the East  (mp3)   lyrics/chords

   Or Zarua lyrics/chords  (pdf)

   Hinei Mah Tov (mp3)  (music composed by Rick Recht)  lyrics/chords

From the compilation CD's "Ruach 5761/5763" and songbook, published by Transcontinental  (note-each CD may be purchased separately)

   Kehilah Kedoshah  (mp3)  Kehilah Kedoshah-lyrics/chords  (pdf) 

   B'Tzelem Elohim (mp3)     B'Tzelem Elohim lyrics/chords  (pdf) 

   Pit'chu Li  (RealAudio, sample)

From the CD "Be Strong" by E18hteen available at

   L'Takein (the NaNa song) (RealAudio sample) CompleteShireinu#304,p.139

    Ivdu et Hashem/Kol HaN'shama (RealAudio sample) CompleteShireinu#79B,p.109/#83B,p.115


Michael Hunter Ochs

From the CD "Shabbat Anthology III" available at and Transcontinental music

     Oseh Shalom (Realaudio)



Devora Olitzky

  Shake It! (pdf)  Sheet music, a simple song for shaking the lulav and etrog at Sukkot


Janet Pape is a cantorial soloist in Paris, France.

   From All My Heart (RealAudio) is a beautiful song that Janet composed for her wedding.

   Ashreinu (sheet music, pdf)  can be used for Rosh Hashanah.



From the CD "Time Passes By" available at

   Babylon (Psalm 137)  (m3u, like mp3)   Lyrics and chords (html)

    Before Mountains (Psalm 90) (m3u, like mp3)  Lyrics and chords (html)

   Hear more of Rahel's music (full tracks!) at

Recent Demo recording

   Shamraynee (RealAudio, sample)    Shamraynee-Lyrics and Chords (html)

   HaShem Ekhad  (RealAudio, sample)    HaShem Ekhad (sheet music, pdf)

   V'anee B'tumee (RealAudio, sample)    V'anee B'tumee-Lyrics and Chords (html)

From the CD "YOUR CHILD NEEDS MUSIC: 66 Songs and Rhymes sung in Hebrew" (to order, contact
   Numi Numi (Sleep, sleep)  (RealAudio)    Numi Numi (mp3)
   Numi Numi-Lyrics, chords, and translation (pdf)
   Numi Numi sheet music  (pdf, transcribed by Robin Selinger from Rahel's recording)


Jay Rapoport and his band Dangerous Kid

From Jay's band "Dangerous Kid," a new CD called "On the Loose," available at

Some of the songs on the CD were heard at open mike, HN05. Click through to to hear samples.

Jay's website:


Fred Ross-Perry

  Mah Tovu (mp3)    Mah Tovu- Sheet music (pdf)

  Elohai (mp3)     Elohai -Sheet music (pdf)

  Hashkiveinu (mp3)    Hashkiveinu-Sheet music (pdf)
  I will go with you (mp3)     I will go with you - Sheet music (pdf)
Mi Chamocha (mp3)   Mi Chamocha-Sheet music (pdf)
Oseh Shalom (mp3)    Oseh Shalom -Sheet music (pdf)

  Another Oseh Shalom (mp3)    Another Oseh Shalom-Sheet music (pdf)

  Sim Shalom (mp3)  Sim Shalom-Sheet Music (pdf)
L'cha Dodi   (mp3)   L'cha Dodi -Sheet music  (pdf)
Sababa is Steve Brodsky, Robbi Sherwin, and Scott Leader

From the CD "Sababa EP" available at

     Love Adonai (mp3)  Ma-ariv Aravim (mp3)  Hu Ya'aseh (mp3)

       Haporeis Sukkat Shalom (mp3) One Little, Two Little... (mp3)


Sally and the Daffodils

From the CD "Put a Smile On Your Face" available by contacting Sally Heckelman at

    Dreidel Spinning Top (RealAudio)    a fun tune for Chanukah!

    Kids' Klez (RealAudio)   A klezmer arrangement especially for kids...includes "David Melech Yisrael" and "Heiveinu Shalom Aleichem."

    Boker Tov (RealAudio)  A great wake-up song composed by Rabbi Joe Black, featuring vocals by Sally and her sister Liz Kruger.

          [Hear Rabbi Black's rendition here, from his CD "Everybody's Got a Little Music," available at]


Linda Salvay

    Shabbat Shalom--sheet music (pdf)

    Be Happy, It's Adar--sheet music (pdf)


Samaritan Singers Ensembles--note...this is chant, NOT typical youth group music...

From the CD "The Sounds of Samaritan Music" available at

    As Yashar Moushe-The Song of the Sea.     [Text: Exodus XV. "Then sang Moses and the children of Israel this song to Ha-Shem."]

    Click here for more information about the Samaritans and their ancient musical traditions.

    Click here for the Samaritan community home page.


Steve Schuster

    V'ahavta (mp3)

    Michamocha (mp3)  lyrics (htm)


Rebecca Schwartz

From the CD "P'tach Libi ~ Open My Heart" available at

Songs heard at HN08...

   Adonai Malach (mp3, sample)

   Hashkiveinu (mp3, sample)

   Only a Matter of Time--Oseh Shalom (mp3, sample)

   Mizmor Shir (mp3, sample)

   Al Hanisim (mp3, sample)

Mp3's and sheet music available for download at

CD also available at Rebecca's website and at


From the CD "Ahavah Raba" available at

     Shabbat Niggun-hi-fi (broadband)    Shabbat Niggun-low-fi (dialup)   LYRICS AND CHORDS

     Y'did Nefesh (This new melody won an award at the Shalshelet festival!)

     Many more clips online at and

From the CD "The Light of Shabbat" available at and

    Yih'yu L'ratson      Yism'chu (traditional melody)

    Many more clips online at,, and


Ros Schwartz

   Shelter with Branches Above  (SHEET MUSIC--PDF)   a lovely song for Sukkot
   The Seed  (RealAudio)  based on the V'Ahavta 


Robin Selinger

   Tears and Roses (RealAudio)  (in progress, chorus only)

   Peace Minute (mp3)

     Helix (Art+Science) (gif)


Elaine Serling

From the CD "Sing and Celebrate" available at

    Shavua Tov  (RealAudio)       NOTE: This lovely melody is suitable for a teen or adult setting. Male vocalist is Roger Jamison.

      Shavua Tov-SheetMusic (pdf)

   Come Sing a Song With Me (RealAudio)

    Colors of the Rainbow (RealAudio)

From the CD "Join the Circle" available at

   Time To Celebrate-Join the Circle (RealAudio)

   Light the Lights (RealAudio)

   Think About the People  (RealAudio)

Click here for more music clips from Elaine's website


Susan Shane-Linder and Friends, a.k.a. Singin' with Susan

From the CD "Singin' Shabbat! with Susan" available at 

      Heyveynu Medley (Realaudio)       One Mitzvah (Realaudio)   [a Susan Shane-Linder original!]

      Sim Shalom/Hiney Mah Tov (Realaudio)

      Shalom Shabbat (Realaudio) [words, music by Jackie Cytrynbaum, who is not only a songwriter

                                 but also a  noted artist/photographer! Click here to see her recent work.]

Susan Shane-Linder's other albums and more audio clips are available at


Robbi Sherwin

From the CD "Todah LaChem (Thanks Y'all!)" available at CD Baby and (whole album or individual tracks)

     Hinini (mp3)  Hinini-sheet music (pdf)  CD liner notes and lyrics


Abbie Silber

From  Abbie's debut CD, "Inside Out", listen to and download this complete track: Or Zarua (mp3)

Hear samples and download additional tracks at abbiesilber.bandcamp.comShma    L'cha Dodi

Crashing Down   Take All of Me   One Voice  Come Together  Stupid Boy

Additional downloadable tracks, photos, and more at


Shir Harmony of Long Island is Rochelle Potak and Bob Emerman

From the CD "Thank You for the Miracles"

Shehechiyanu (mp3)  Mi Shebeirach (mp3)   Hamavdil (mp3)

From  the CD "Grant Us Joy and Blessing" available at

      Sim Shalom (Realaudio)       Ma Ariv Aravim  (Realaudio)       Bar'chu  (Realaudio)




From the CD "Shirona: Judaic Love Songs" available at and

    Sos Asis  (RealAudio)

    Ki Eleicha (RealAudio)  also included on the CD "Celebrate Shabbat" available at


Shir Synergy  is Lisa Baydush, Audrey Katz, and Barry Astrow.  Contact: Lisa Baydush,

NEW! From their CD "Find the Sunshine!" available at

   Tikkun Olam (mp3)     This Is the Place (mp3)  Jewish Holiday Rap (mp3)

Listen also to these mp3 clips:
   Find the Sunshine  Oseh Shalom  Lo Yisa Goi  Renewal  Mi Chamocha  Oh, God 

   Hashkiveinu  Journey On  And So I Sing  Listen  Triumph of Spirit   Find the Sunshine-Reprise


Judith Silver

From the CD "Moonchild" available at
    Gesher (mp3)


Eric Sirota

For the High Holidays...

Unetane Tokef (mp3)  Notes on text and music
Variations on "HaYom" (midi) inspired by the prayer which culminates the Musaf sevice on both Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.
Other compositions...

Voices of the Prophets written in honor of Rabbi Jaffe's 20th year at the Flemington, NJ JCC
Flemington Oratorio written for the Flemington JCC Dedication

More music online at Eric's home page

Donna Spencer--The Beach Bubbe

     In the Beginning--sheet music (pdf)

     Michamocha--sheet music (pdf)


Craig Taubman      FACULTY

Click HERE for a complete list of Craig's CD's.

From the CD "Voice of the Spirit" available at

     Shir HaMa-alot  (RealAudio) CompleteShireinu#240A,p.359

     Yad B'Yad  (RealAudio) CompleteShireinu#166,p.216

     Creator of All Things (RealAudio) CompleteShireinu#29,p.50
From the CD "Friday Night Live" available at,, and
     Adonai S'fatai (Real Audio)  

     Romemu  (Real Audio) CompleteShireinu#129,p.175
     L'cha Dodi  (mp3)   Hashkiveinu  (Real Audio)

     B'yado (Real Audio) CompleteShireinu#300,p.44

From the CD "One Shabbat Morning" available at,, and

     Elohai   (Real Audio, clip)

     Bay Ana Rachetz   (Real Audio)
The "Celebrate Series" is produced by Craig Taubman. Listen online to these great CD's with performances featuring many talented artists with diverse musical styles. Most offer many complete tracks or extended clips for online listening.

       "Celebrate Peace" CD click to listen
       "Celebrate Shabbat" CD click to listen
       "Celebrate Kids" CD   click to listen
       "Celebrate Hanukkah" CD click to listen
       "Celebrate Passover" CD  click to listen
Click to order any "Celebrate" CD from


Tufts University - Hillel website

    Collection of mp3 files with melodies for Shabbat blessings, trope, plus music from Shir Appeal, Tufts Hillel's a capella group


Ross Wolman

   Hodu L'hodu: Give thanks for Turkey (RealAudio)    LYRICS and CHORDS (pdf)


Natalie Young

From the CD "Carry Me" available at, also available from the Judaica shop at The Community Synagogue

       Mah Tovu   (RealAudio)

       Dodi Li/Od Yishama  (RealAudio)




Other songs heard at HN'03 (alphabetical order)


Adonai Oz (RealAudio) -- CompleteShireinu#4,p.4Cantor Stuart Binder from the CD "Shabbat Workshop" available at

     music composed by Jeff Klepper and Dan Freelander

Al Kol Eleh  (midi) CompleteShireinu#10,p.5 a midi file... melody only, no lyrics.   Music/lyrics composed by Naomi Shemer.

Ashrey (mp3)-- CompleteShireinu#298,p.248by Peri Smilow from the CD "Ashrey" available at

Chiri Biri Bam  (RealAudio) -- CompleteShireinu#232,p.350Zamir, from the CD "An Hour in Gan Eden" available at

Eile Chamdah Libi  (RealAudio)  CompleteShireinu#37,p.60 -- Cantor Stuart Binder from the CD

                                "Shabbat Workshop" available at

Halleluyah (RealAudio)-- CompleteShireinu#54,p.76Gali Atari & Halav Vedvash from Kdam Eurovision 1979 

            (Note--this Kdam site shuts down when traffic is high, so if necessary try this link which has the English version)

              music composed by Kobi Oshrat, lyrics by Shimrit Or.

Halleluyah (mp3) A choral setting of the same melody by ADASH

Hashiveinu/Return Again (RealAudio)--Danny Maseng linked from, also on CD "Soul on Fire"

                                                           available at ("Return again" music by Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach.)

Hillel's Song  (mp3, sample)-- CompleteShireinu#301,p.86 Mah Tovu, from the CD "Ruach 5761" available at Transcontinental and   music composed by S. Bridsky and J. Zweiback with Sam Glaser.

Hinei Tov M'Od (RealAudio, sample) --CompleteShireinu#68,p.93 from THE COMPLETE NFTY RECORDINGS 1972-1989 available at and Transcontinental.   Music composed by Gordon Lustig.

Ki Va Moed (RealAudio)-- Shlomo Carlebach, from the CD "Days are Coming" available at

Lo Yisa Goy (RealAudio)-- CompleteShireinu#101B,p.137 Vocolot, from the CD "Celebrate Peace" available at

Lo Yarei-u (RealAudio)--CompleteShireinu#100,p.136 Fran Avni, from the CD "Israel World Beat - Eretz"  available at

      music composed by William Sharlin/Ezri Gabbai.

Lu Yehi  (mp3) -- Adash, a choral setting, try also...

Lu Yehi (RealAudio, sample)  from the CD "The Best Israeli Album in the World," available at  Music/lyrics composed by Naomi Shemer.

Mah Tovu (RealAudio)-- CompleteShireinu#176C,p.239 Danny Maseng linked from, also on CD "Soul on Fire"

    available at  (Note--- this incredibly lovely song starts about 2 minutes into the RealAudio file,

    which is 6 minutes total.)

Mishebeirach (mp3) by Cantor Benjie Ellen Schiller from the CD "A World Fulfilled" available at Transcontinental or

Passing Through  (RealAudio) -- Cisco Houston, from the CD "The Folkways Years 1944-1961" available at

Pissing Outside  (RealVideo, sample) --Billy Jonas, From the CD "Billy Jonas Live" available at

Shabbos Shabbos (RealAudio)-- CompleteShireinu#239,p.358 Wolf Krakowski, from the collection CD "Celebrate Shabbat" available at

Shir Chadash (RealAudio)-- CompleteShireinu#133,p.181Julie Silver, from the CD "Walk with Me" available at

Sisu et Yerushalayim  (RealAudio, sample) CompleteShireinu#141,p.192The Burning Bush, from the CD "Folksongs from Israel" available at

     music composed by Akivah Nof.

Songleader's Amen (RealAudio) --Liora  LYRICS  from Kdam Eurovision 1995

        (Note--this Kdam site shuts down when traffic is high, so try using this link instead if necessary)

Tumbalalaika-- CompleteShireinu#149,p.201Zamir, from the CD "An Hour in Gan Eden" available at

Y'did Nefesh (RealAudio)--CompleteShireinu#169,p.217Tanja Solnik, from the CD "Celebrate Shabbat" available at

      music composed by Ehud and Sara Zweig.

Yerushalayim Shel Zahav (RealAudio) CompleteShireinu#165,p.229  -- from the CD "Jerusalem of Gold" available at   music composed by Naomi Shemer.


Songs from the teachers' sharing session:

Aleph Bet Boogie (mp3) -- Rabbi Joe Black from the CD "Aleph Bet Boogie" available at

Mah Yafeh Ha-yom Shalom  (html) --adaptation of "Banana Boat Song," Shabbat lyrics by Amy Fried

Shabbat Shalom (html), adaptation of Billy Jonas' "Tongo," Shabbat lyrics by Robin Selinger

                                   (PS from Robin...I've recently learned that "Tongo" originated in the Philippines.)

Singin' in Hebrew -- Rick Recht, from the CD "Free to be the Jew in Me" available at

Soufganiot (mp3)-- by Rabbi Joe Black from the CD "Aleph Bet Boogie" available at

Weaving   (RealAudio)  music and lyrics by  Rosemary Crow, lyrics  chords and midi file


Additional songs notated in The Complete Shireinu

Abanibi (RealAudio sample) CompleteShireinu#1,p.1  From the CD "51 years, 51 songs" available at   music composed by Nurit Hirsch.

Erev Shel Shoshanim (RealAudio sample)  CompleteShireinu#46,p.66From the CD "51 years, 51 songs" available at   music composed by Yosef Hadar, lyrics by Moshe Dor.

Rise and Shine (RealAudio)  CompleteShireinu#282,p.173  Caron Dale and Adas Israel, from the CD "Celebrate Shabbat" available at

L'cha Dodi  (RealAudio) CompleteShireinu#247C,p.374 Cantor Stuart Binder from the CD "Shabbat Workshop" available at

Yism'chu   (RealAudio) CompleteShireinu#203B,p.292Cantor Stuart Binder from the CD "Shabbat Workshop" available at

Al Slosha D'varim (RealAudio) CompleteShireinu#210A,p.311Cantor Stuart Binder from the CD "Shabbat Workshop" available at   music composed by Chaim Tzur.

Eili Eili  (RealAudio) CompleteShireinu#38,p.61  Cantor Stuart Binder from the CD "Shabbat Workshop" available at   Music composed by David Zahavi, lyrics by Hannah Szenesh.

Yah Ribon (RealAudio) CompleteShireinu#243,p.365   Cantor Gadi Elon from the CD "Zemirot From My Father's House" available at   music composer is unknown, lyrics by Israel Najara.

Shalom Aleichem (mp3) CompleteShireinu#227A,p.343   from the CD "Z`mirot Sing Along" available at (a medley.)  Music composed by Samuel Goldfarb.

L'cha Dodi  (RealAudio) CompleteShireinu#247A,p.372   Beit Hatfutsot, from the CD "Jewish And Israeli Music" available at   Music composed by Mordecai Zeira, lyrics by Shlomo Alkabetz.

HaFinjan  (RealAudio) CompleteShireinu#51,p.74  Zamir Chorale, from the CD "The Songs of Israel" available at   Music composed by Moshe Wilensky, text by Chayim Chefer.

Mayim (RealAudio)  CompleteShireinu#108,p.146  Zamir Chorale, from the CD "The Songs of Israel" available at   Music composed by Emanuel Amiran.


For the songs notated in the Complete Shireinu, here is a list sorted by page number.

NOTE!!! CD purchase links are included above. Most of these sound files are linked from around the internet, many of them at,,,, and other music retailers. If you like the music, please go buy it!


Abanibi (RealAudio sample) CompleteShireinu#1,p.1  

Adonai Oz (RealAudio) -- CompleteShireinu#4,p.4

Al Kol Eleh  (midi) CompleteShireinu#10,p.5 a midi file... melody only, no lyrics

 Alef Bet (RealAudio)CompleteShireinu#11,p.12

All the World Sings to You (RealAudio) CompleteShireinu#12,p.14

Angel's Blessing  (RealAudio)CompleteShireinu#14,p.22

Ani Ma-amin (RealAudio, sample)CompleteShireinu#16B,p.25

Bashanah Habaah CompleteShireinu#27,p.30

Bayom Hahu (RealAudio) CompleteShireinu#30A,p.32

B'yado (Real Audio) CompleteShireinu#300,p.44

Creator of All Things (RealAudio) CompleteShireinu#29,p.50

David Melech Yisrael (Real Audio)CompleteShireinu#32,p.51

Eile Chamdah Libi  (RealAudio)  CompleteShireinu#37,p.60

Eili Eili  (RealAudio) CompleteShireinu#38,p.61

Erev Shel Shoshanim (RealAudio sample)  CompleteShireinu#46,p.66

HaFinjan  (RealAudio) CompleteShireinu#51,p.74

Halleluyah (RealAudio)-- CompleteShireinu#54,p.76  this  link has the English version

Hillel's Song  (mp3, sample)-- CompleteShireinu#301,p.86

Hinei Ma Tov  (Real Audio) CompleteShireinu#66A,p.89

Hinei Tov M'Od (RealAudio, sample) --CompleteShireinu#68,p.93

Hodu L'Adonai (RealAudio) CompleteShireinu#302,p.96

Im Tirtzu (RealAudio, sample) CompleteShireinu#77,p.107

Ivdu et Hashem/Kol HaN'shama (RealAudio sample) CompleteShireinu#79B,p.109/#83B,p.115

Kadish D'rabanan  (RealAudio) CompleteShireinu#81,p.112

Ivdu et Hashem/Kol HaN'shama (RealAudio sample) CompleteShireinu#79B,p.109/#83B,p.115

Hallelu (a.k.a. Kol HaN'shama)  (RealAudio) CompleteShireinu#83B,p.115 (a.k.a. Kol HaN'shamah)

L'chi Lach  (RealAudio)CompleteShireinu#89,p.123

Let the heavens be glad (RealAudio, sample) CompleteShireinu#93,p.124

Lo Alecha (RealAudio, sample) CompleteShireinu#98,p.135

Lo Yarei-u (RealAudio)--CompleteShireinu#100,p.136

Lo Yisa Goy (RealAudio)-- CompleteShireinu#101B,p.137

Lo Yisa Goy  (Real Audio)CompleteShireinu#101A,p.138 

L'Takein (the NaNa song) (RealAudio sample) CompleteShireinu#304,p.139

Make Those Waters Part (RealAudio) CompleteShireinu#106,p.144

Mayim (RealAudio)  CompleteShireinu#108,p.146

Miriam's Song  (RealAudio) CompleteShireinu#113,p.150

Not by Might-Not by Power (RealAudio)CompleteShireinu#117,p.156

Rise and Shine (RealAudio)  CompleteShireinu#282,p.173

Romemu  (Real Audio) CompleteShireinu#129,p.175

Shir Chadash (RealAudio)-- CompleteShireinu#133,p.181

Sisu et Yerushalayim  (RealAudio, sample) CompleteShireinu#141,p.192 

T'filat Haderech  (RealAudio)CompleteShireinu#140,p.196

Tumbalalayka (audio sample) CompleteShireinu#149,p.201

Tumbalalaika-- CompleteShireinu#149,p.201

Yad B'Yad  (RealAudio) CompleteShireinu#166,p.216

Y'did Nefesh (RealAudio)--CompleteShireinu#169,p.217

Yeish Kochavim (flash audio) -- CompleteShireinu#168,p.218

Yerushalayim Shel Zahav (RealAudio) CompleteShireinu#165,p.229  

Modeh Ani  (RealAudio)  CompleteShireinu#175A,p.235

Mah Tovu (RealAudio)-- CompleteShireinu#176C,p.239  (Note--- song starts about 2 minutes into the RealAudio file)

Elohai N'Shamah   (RealAudio)  CompleteShireinu#179B,p.244 

Ashrey (mp3)-- CompleteShireinu#298,p.248

Yism'chu   (RealAudio) CompleteShireinu#203B,p.292

Bim Bam/Sim Shalom  (Real Audio) CompleteShireinu#231,p.349/#205C,p.300

Shalom Rav (mp3, sample) CompleteShireinu#206,p.302

Oseh Shalom (mp3, sample)CompleteShireinu#209B,p.307

Oseh Shalom (RealAudio)CompleteShireinu#209C,p.308

Oseh Shalom  (RealAudio)  CompleteShireinu#306,p.310

Al Slosha D'varim (RealAudio) CompleteShireinu#210A,p.311

Mishebeirach (RealAudio)CompleteShireinu#226A,p.340

Shalom Aleichem (mp3) CompleteShireinu#227A,p.343

Shalom Aleichem  (RealAudio) CompleteShireinu#227B,p.344

Hamotzi  (Real Audio) CompleteShireinu#230,p.348

Bim Bam/Sim Shalom  (Real Audio) CompleteShireinu#231,p.349/#205C,p.300

Chiri Biri Bam  (RealAudio) -- CompleteShireinu#232,p.350

Shabbos Shabbos (RealAudio)-- CompleteShireinu#239,p.358

Shir HaMa-alot  (RealAudio) CompleteShireinu#240A,p.359

Yah Ribon (RealAudio) CompleteShireinu#243,p.365

L'cha Dodi  (RealAudio) CompleteShireinu#247A,p.372

L'cha Dodi  (RealAudio) CompleteShireinu#247C,p.374

Birkat Havdallah  (Real Audio)CompleteShireinu#250,p.381    

Shavua Tov (Real Audio) CompleteShireinu#253,p.386 


DC-BJE-CareerLadder  (pdf)  a guide to salary levels for religious school instructors according to education and experience, from the Board of Jewish Education of Greater Washington, DC



HN05 Shabbat Morning service - list of songs with links for audio samples, and purchase info for CD's, sheet music, mp3 files, etc....